Signs you may have squirrels nesting in your Merrimac, Boxford or Salisbury, MA home:

  • Insulation on the ground or scattered in the attic
  • Feces and urine under or on top of insulation
  • Scratching and running in your ceiling or walls
  • Urine stains on the ceiling
  • Chewed up electrical wires
  • Baseball size holes on the side of your home or near roofline



Squirrels are excellent climbers and love to use your insulation to nest in your attic and soffits. They can chew holes through your fascia boards and leave feces and urine behind leaving your attic an unhealthy mess. North Shore Wildlife has a safe and humane solution that allows the squirrels to leave your home but not get back in.

When we are removing squirrels from a home the most common place we find them is in the attic after chewing a hole through the soffit or fascia board. Squirrels are known to chew their way through weak spots in your roof, vents, and sometimes chimneys. We locate all entry points for squirrels; install one-way doors which will allow squirrels to leave, but not re-enter. Prevention work is important as squirrels can easily chew a new hole and get back into your home. NSW address' the roofline, dormers, and soffits, using steel galvanized mesh barrier, animal repellent foam, and any other materials as needed. We anticipate where they are going next and do our very best to ensure that we are minimizing their efforts for re-entry.