Skunk Removal Services throughout Merrimac, Boxford & Salisbury, MA

Skunks typically keep to themselves, however, when provoked by another animal or house pet, the skunk will defend itself and unleash its infamous spray on anything it feels threatened by.

The reason we are seeing more and more skunks in our neighborhoods is because we keep building homes in Merrimac, Boxford, Salisbury, MA and other areas, moving skunks out of their habitat.

Skunks are scavengers and will eat almost anything so it's a good idea to make sure that your trash is secure and that you properly clean up your yard after a family gathering and or BBQ.

Most often times skunks will find their way under a porch, deck, shed, garage, and sometimes end up in your basement.


Having a skunk, groundhog, raccoon, or opossum living in your backyard can pose a risk to your family and pet(s).

Trapping may be an option for you and we are happy to help. 7-day and 10-day trapping programs available.

Ground Exclusion:

When animals make your deck, shed or porch their home there is a solution. Our technicians dig a trench around the perimeter of the structure, attach a steel mesh barrier to the bottom of the structure, then run the mesh into the ground and fill the trench back in. We also install a one-way door just in case there is a critter underneath the structure when we perform the exclusion so we can give it an opportunity to leave but not return.