Our techs use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) gloves, masks, bodysuits, and shoe protection, to protect our customers and themselves when performing attic clean outs but also anytime we need to enter your home.

Humane Bat Removal in Merrimac, Boxford, Salisbury, MA, and Throughout Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Did you know that bats only need 1/4 to 1/2 inch to enter your home? They typically find their entry around dormers, chimneys, gable vents, and anywhere there is a gap allowing them to get in and make a home in your attic. Bats always travel in colonies so if you have, or had, a bat in your living space, chances are there is a colony living in your attic.

During our bat removal services, we locate all entry points for bats and install one-way cones which will allow bats to leave, but not re-enter. We also perform prevention work around the roofline, dormers, and soffits using steel galvanized mesh barrier, animal repellent foam, and any other materials as needed.

Clean Out and Sanitization:

Bats can carry rabies and bat mites, fleas, and other insects and need to be addressed as soon as you realize you have an infestation.

Bats also leave their feces behind called guano. Bat guano can be very toxic and should be removed by professionals. Bat guano contains large amounts of fungi and bacteria, if inhaled, it can cause a lung disease called histoplasmosis.

With our bat removal services, our technicians remove the guano from your attic, and or crawl space, using a HEPA vacuum to keep spore release at a bare minimum as well as removing any insulation that has been soiled. We then use D.S.V. (Disinfectant, Sanitize, and Virucide) to disinfect and clean all affected areas.